Lights on Penrith: 2022 Destination Penrith Forum

Located inside 15km to the new Western Sydney international airport, Penrith is a vibrant emerging tourist destination boasting an eniable mix of natural wonder and city splendour.

More than 130 years ago, Penrith was recognised as one of the most progressive and modern towns in NSW when the Sydney region’s first electric light station was installed in Belmore Street.

When the power was switched on for the first time on October 3, 1890, thousands turned out to celebrate as electric lighting illuminated streets, a handful of businesses and about 60 houses. The day was declared a public holiday and the Mayoress of Sydney made the journey by train to witness the event and “flick the switch’’.

The spotlight is once more shining a light on Penrith as a new generation shapes its future with a plethora of young talent, innovation and uniqueness.

From thrilling adventure attractions and modern accommodation to internationally competitive sporting facilities, quality fresh seasonal food, on-trend craft brewers and talented artisans. Through it all weaves ancient First People storylines, beloved icons and life-giving natural landmarks of the region – mountains, rivers and lakes.

Penrith is on the cusp of discovery as we prepare to welcome international guests through Australia’s newest gateway to the world – the Western Sydney International Airport. Tourist numbers and the visitor economy are expected to boom as globally recognised brands make Penrith their home and guests seek out new and exciting adventures.

With so much potential and investment in tourism and hospitality planned for the `'Adventure Capital’’ of NSW, how can local businesses build valuable partnerships and take advantage of these opportunities?

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