Lights on Penrith
Destination Penrith Forum / March 2022

2022 Destination Penrith Forum : An Overview

Following on from the success of the 2021 Lights On Penrith Growth Summit, the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce is delighted to bring you the 2022 Destination Penrith Forum – an invitation only lunchtime event that will draw together stakeholders and decision-makers from the tourism and hospitality industry, together with senior local and state government representatives, event promoters and key sporting associations, to discuss the barriers and challenges facing the industry. 

  • What are the barriers and challenges facing the visitor economy in Penrith-Nepean?
  • What are the drivers of tourism and visitation and how can the region attract more visitors via initiatives such as large scale festivals, concerts, exhibitions and sporting events?
  • What opportunities will Western Sydney Airport and Sydney Metro bring to the region and how can tourism and hospitality providers and the wider visitor economy sector leverage these?
  • What role should government play in facilitating the growth of the visitor economy in the region?  How can we leverage the NSW government’s Visitor Economy 2030 strategy?
  • How can Penrith and the Blue Mountains collaborate to grow the visitor economy across both regions? 
  • How do geographic and environmental factors impact on the potential growth of the visitor economy in the region? (eg distance from Sydney CBD, temperature extremes, impact of recent flooding, etc)


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Forum Outcomes

The Forum is intended to highlight key issues and opportunities, align thinking across the public and private sectors, and identify potential strategies for growth within the regional visitor economy.

A key outcome of the event will be the formation of an advisory group of senior decision-makers to develop a Penrith-Nepean Visitor Economy Strategy.

The Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce will continue to drive the Lights on Penrith visitor economy initiative and develop a larger follow-up event later in the year that will involve the broader Penrith-Nepean business community – Destination Penrith Expo.


Who Will Attend?

The Forum will be an INVITATION ONLY event with limited places.  Attendees will include:

  • Local and State government representatives including Stuart Ayres the Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney
  • Senior decision-makers from tourism and hospitality – both within the region and beyond
  • Promoters of large-scale events and festivals 
  • Representatives from relevant sporting associations
  • Representatives of relevant industry groups and associations